Aleena Shahid

Founder and CEO @ Hustlers Guide

Meet Aleena Shahid, a content creator and freelance business owner with 4+ years of digital wizardry under her belt.

She’s not just building a brand; she’s sculpting an online kingdom where business and hustle feel like a thrilling adventure.

The digital work passport of Aleena bears stamps from China to England and all the way around to Switzerland, where she has teamed up with global titans to reshape the digital realm. 

Her biggest wish is to travel the world as her work did. And oh, her love for photography? It’s a full-blown hobby. Sunsets are her muse, but she’ll tell you cloudy days have a charm of their own. 

Aleena’s productivity secret? Coffee (and maybe a slice of pizza or two). If you think she’s awesome, consider being her sponsor.

Dive into her world of creativity, where words and images dance together in perfect harmony.

Aleena Shahid - Author HG
Content Award - Hustlers Guide

Cheers, Yayys & Horrahs

Two times winner for content awards and multiple appreciations.

Aleena’s journey to becoming a double-award winner is nothing short of remarkable. With her unique blend of creativity, strategic insight, and relentless dedication, she not only grabbed the attention of her audience but also the recognition of industry leaders.

Her first award, a testament to her content prowess, was a milestone in her career. It celebrated her knack for crafting engaging narratives that left an indelible mark on her audience.

The second award, a nod to her mastery of digital strategy, showcased her ability to navigate the ever-evolving online landscape with finesse.

Aleena’s double win is a reminder that with passion and dedication, you can achieve remarkable success, no matter what you do!

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