5 Best Sites to Buy LinkedIn Recommendations [Authentic]

Buy LinkedIn Recommendations
Buy LinkedIn Recommendations

Can you buy LinkedIn recommendations? Absolutely, yes. Building a strong community with social proof on LinkedIn can be tough and challenging sometimes, especially in the beginning. However, you can speed up the process by buying LinkedIn recommendations.

I understand that most people prefer to build their social proof organically for a trustworthy relationship with their audience. But there is no harm in giving your business a head start. Wondering some of the most reliable and authentic sources for buying LinkedIn recommendations? Well, it’s your lucky day because I tested multiple sites and chose the best 5 for you.

Best Sites to Buy LinkedIn Recommendations

Whether you are building a personal brand on LinkedIn or looking to be a certified individual on the platform, LinkedIn endorsements and recommendations play a great role in building trust. Do you know these endorsements and recommendations can also help in increasing your SSI score? That’s true.

WebsiteNotable FeaturesPricingProsCons
Media MisterCredible recommendations, no-spam policy5 for $50, 10 for $95– Extensive top-quality services– No free trial available
Get a FollowerTimely, confidential service, up to 250 recs5 for $50, 10 for $95– Refund policy for peace of mind– No free trial available
Buy Real MediaQuality-focused, money-back guarantee5 for $47, 10 for $93– Highly praised by reviewers– No SSL certificate on website
UseViralClear explanations for delays, refund options2 for $51, 4 for $68, 6 for $136– Wide service range– Costly than others
LinkedIn JetpackHigh-quality recommendations, money-back guarantee1 for $9, 5 for $39, 10 for $69– Enhances social proof and credibility– No free trial available

Media Mister

Just like other LinkedIn services, Media Mister also provides you with the option to buy LinkedIn recommendations. The no-spam policy of the site ensures that you get credible recommendations only.

You can order several recommendations at a time ranging from 5 recommendations to 25 recommendations. The time of delivery depends on how many recommendations you order.


  • Extensive top-quality services
  • Real people, real results
  • Instant, helpful live chat support


  • No free trial available


  • 5 LinkedIn recommendations for $50
  • 10 LinkedIn recommendations for $95

Get a Follower

Get a Follower is considered one of the top LinkedIn service providers. They deal in everything ranging from likes, comments, and endorsements to recommendations.

If you are looking for a large number of recommendations to buy then ‘Get a follower’ will be the perfect option as they offer up to 100 or 250 recommendations. All you need to do is choose the number of recommendations, enter your profile URL, check out and wait for your LinkedIn recommendations.


  • Timely, confidential service
  • Refund policy ensures peace of mind
  • Exceptional customer support from a friendly team
  • Convenient payment options


  • No free trial available


  • 5 LinkedIn recommendations for $50

Buy Real Media

Buy Real Media only offers you two packages; 5 recommendations and 10 recommendations. However, they do not compromise on quality.

They are known for three pillars of quality; 100% satisfaction, a money-back guarantee, and secure checkout. Though they might be more expensive than others, you cannot put a price on quality.


  • Highly praised by reviewers
  • Been working for years
  • No phishing scams detected


  • No SSL certificate on website


  • 5 LinkedIn recommendations for $47
  • 10 LinkedIn recommendations for $93


UseViral is another great platform to buy LinkedIn recommendations. They consistently upholds its commitments and provides clear explanations for any delivery delays, demonstrating its reliability. Refunds are available, and if you initiate a refund via PayPal, it is promptly processed within the stipulated timeframe.

It’s worth noting that Trustpilot’s reservations about their authenticity are well-founded, given their sale of counterfeit Google ratings and Trustpilot reviews. While UseViral’s legitimacy may seem evident, a more thorough evaluation is prudent.


  • Wide service range
  • Valid SSL certificate
  • Multiple payment options with refund policies.


  • Costly than others
  • Controversial quality


  • 2 LinkedIn recommendations for $51
  • 4 LinkedIn recommendations for $68
  • 6 LinkedIn recommendations for $136

LinkedIn Jetpack

LinkedIn Jetpack excels in offering top-notch LinkedIn recommendations tailored to enhance your social proof and professional credibility. These meticulously prepared endorsements not only elevate your profile but also create a positive impression on potential connections and employers.

By choosing LinkedIn Jetpack, you’re not just getting recommendations; you’re getting a powerful tool to propel your professional journey forward with authenticity and impact.


  • Money-back Guarantee
  • 24/7 Customer Support
  • High Quality Service


  • No free trial available


  • 1 LinkedIn Recommendation – $9
  • 5 LinkedIn Recommendations – $39
  • 10 LinkedIn Recommendations – $69

Besides LinkedIn recommendations, you can level-up your profile with creative banner, engaging headline, optimized summary, and understanding the platform fully.

Hot FAQs: Buy LinkedIn Recommendations

How to buy LinkedIn recommendations?

You can buy LinkedIn recommendations from Media Mister, UseViral, and SidesMedia by entering your details and putting your credit card for payment.

What is the best place to buy LinkedIn Recommendations?

In my opinion, Media Mister is a great place to buy LinkedIn recommendations as the site has been in business for a long time and has earned some respect for itself. The packages also seem to be fair as compared to others.

Is it legal to buy LinkedIn recommendations?

Yes, it is definitely legal to buy LinkedIn recommendations. Numerous websites are working in this sector. Also, LinkedIn itself has not declared buying LinkedIn recommendations as an illegal way to build social proof on the platform.

How recommendations can boost my LinkedIn profile?

A LinkedIn recommendation defining your skills and abilities to overcome a problem helps a potential client to understand that you are a master of what you do and that he can trust his business with you.

How many LinkedIn recommendations are good?

Aim for at least 3-5 high-quality recommendations on LinkedIn to demonstrate your professional credibility. However, the quality and relevance of recommendations matter more than the quantity.

Wrapping up: Buy LinkedIn Recommendations

A well-optimized LinkedIn profile can help you with great opportunities. And one of the most important parts of an optimized LinkedIn profile is recommendations. Why? Because it shows you as a legit person with skills. Getting LinkedIn recommendations revolving around your skills can prove to be a great asset to your profile and social proof.

Here is a secret you can’t tell anyone. It must remain between you and me. Having your main keyword in recommendations can prove to be a great help as your profile will come first when someone searches for that particular skill.  What are you still waiting for? Try the sources listed above to buy LinkedIn recommendations and rock your profile for good.

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