7 Best t-shirt printing machine for small business in 2024

Best Tshirt printing machine for small business
Best Tshirt printing machine for small business

Dreaming of launching your own awesome t-shirt business, but feeling a tad overwhelmed by the technicalities of printing? We’ve all been there! Don’t worry, I’ll spill the beans on the 7 best t-shirt printing machine for small business so you can turn those designs into reality, one fabulous tee at a time! 

Picture this: your head buzzing with designs that are itching to come to life, but you’re stuck on which t-shirt printing machine to choose. This can be the real struggle. But if you pay attention and go with me till the very end of best t-shirt printing machine for small business, all your confusions are bound to disappear. 

Best t-shirt printing machine for small business

ImageProductPrinting MethodPrice
Our Pick1
PowerPress Digital Sublimation Heat Press Machine for T-Shirt

Heat press for setting heat transfers, HTV, or sublimation

Cricut EasyPress 2 Heat Press Machine 

Heat press for setting heat transfers, HTV, or sublimation

hrm Automatic T-Shirt Printing Machine 

DTG printer

PowerPress Heat Press Machine 

Heat press for HTV or heat transfers

Cricut EasyPress Mini Heat Press 

Heat press for setting heat transfers, HTV, or sublimation

WOOKRAYS Heat Press Tshirt Printing Machine 

Heat press for setting heat transfers, HTV, or sublimation

VEVOR Screen Printing Machine 

Silk screen printing machine

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PowerPress Digital Sublimation Heat Press Machine for T Shirt

The PowerPress Industrial-Quality Digital Sublimation Heat Press Machine is a true workhorse in the world of t-shirt printing. With its Teflon-coated 15×15 inch heating plate, it provides a spacious and smooth surface for your designs. 

The digital control board offers precise temperature adjustments from 32-455°F and time settings from 0-999 seconds, granting you complete control over your prints. 

The removable silicon mat adds convenience, as it is washable and easily replaceable, allowing for quick cleanup and versatility in your printing process. The bottom handle feature makes it a breeze to open the heating plate safely, even at high temperatures. 

The machine’s patented design control chip ensures accuracy and safety in temperature control, resulting in consistent and flawless prints. The replaceable fuse feature offers peace of mind, protecting the machine from overheating and electric short.


  • Accurate and Safe Temperature Control
  • Versatile and Replaceable Silicon Mat
  • Convenient Bottom Handle


  • Limited to 110V Voltage
  • Slight Shape Change at High Temperatures
  • May Require Multiple Steps for Large Projects


While it’s limited to 110V voltage and may require multiple steps for larger projects, this machine’s safety and precision features make it a top choice for elevating your t-shirt business. 

Cricut EasyPress 2 Heat Press Machine 

The Cricut EasyPress 2 Heat Press Machine is a game-changing tool that combines the speed of a heat press with the convenience of an iron, delivering pro-level heat-transfer results without the stress. 

With adjustable time and temperature controls, you have complete customization power, allowing you to reach temperatures up to 400 ºF (205 ºC) to tackle a wide range of heat transfer projects with accuracy and efficiency. 

The machine’s advanced heat plate design boasts a ceramic-coated surface, ensuring rapid heating in under 2 minutes, making it perfect for intricate prints that require swift action. 

With a 9×9 inch size, this heat press provides ample space to cater to versatile projects, including t-shirts, tote bags, pillows, aprons, and more.


  • Swift Heating and Easy Operation
  • Precise Temperature Control
  • Insulated Safety Base and Auto-Off
  • Lightweight and Compact


  • Limited to 9×9 inch Size
  • Power Cord Length Restrictive for Some Setups
  • Manual Pressure Adjustment Required


The Cricut EasyPress 2 is a must-have for heat transfer enthusiasts, offering precision, speed, and safety. While its size may have limitations, its ease of use and portability make it a valuable addition to any crafting arsenal. 

hrm Automatic T-Shirt Printing Machine 

The hrm Automatic T-Shirt Printing Machine is a powerhouse printer offering non-contact inkjet printing with a Micro Piezo print head and 540 nozzles (90 in 6 colors). Its intelligent drops transform technology ensures precision with 1.5 pico liters minuscule drops. 

The machine operates at impressive speed, printing an A4 size photo in just 111 seconds in Photo mode. With a printing distance of 1mm to 3mm (optimum 1mm) and a spacious 329x500mm printing area, it accommodates diverse garment sizes. 

The automatic height adjustment feature streamlines the printing process for items up to 220mm height. Operating between 10-35 degrees Celsius temperature and 20-80% humidity, the machine maintains consistency in varied environments. It connects via USB2.0 and runs on AcroRIP White ver9.0 software, ensuring seamless printing operations.


  • Printing Precision with Intelligent Drops
  • Impressive Printing Speed
  • Versatile Printing Distance and Area
  • Automatic Height Adjustment
  • Consistent Performance in Varied Environments
  • Seamless Printing Interface and Software Compatibility


  • Limited to 9×9 inch Size
  • Power Cord Length Restrictive for Some Setups
  • Manual Pressure Adjustment Required


Its cutting-edge technology, large printing area, and automatic height adjustment streamline customization for various garments. Though its speed and precision impress, the machine’s size and manual pressure adjustment are limitations to consider. However, its cost-effective ink usage adds to its appeal. 

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PowerPress Heat Press Machine 

The PowerPress Heat Press Machine Portable-Gold is a versatile and efficient tool for your heat transfer needs. Its 10×12 inch heating plate size allows you to create personalized shirts for the whole family, from babies to spouses, making it perfect for a variety of transfer work. 

The touch screen control panel adds a modern touch, offering super-sensitive operation for smoother and easier control. The Pressure Regulating System, featuring four patentable pressure regulating springs and a specially-designed heat-resistant mat, provides uniform and necessary pressure for exceptional transfer results. 

The dual-function base further enhances safety, offering protection from accidental burns when in safety mode. In working mode, the heating plate effectively dissipates heat, ensuring consistent and efficient heat transfer.


  • Larger Heating Plate for Family-sized Projects
  • Super-Sensitive Touch Screen Control Panel
  • Patentable Pressure Regulating System for Easy Operation
  • Safe Anti-Overheating System with Shutoff Function
  • Dual-Function Base for Enhanced Safety
  • Wide-Ranged Applicability for Various Transfer Materials


  • Limited heating plate size for larger-scale projects
  • Touch screen sensitivity may occasionally require adjustment
  • Pressure regulating system might need fine-tuning for optimal results
  • Safety base adds weight and bulkiness to the machine


The super-sensitive touch screen control panel ensures seamless operation, while the patentable pressure regulating system simplifies your transfer jobs. With its robust safety features, including the anti-overheating system and dual-function base, you can work with peace of mind. 

Cricut EasyPress Mini Heat Press 

The Cricut EasyPress Mini is a powerful heat press packed in a compact design, delivering high-impact heat-transfer results for uniquely shaped, extra-small projects with hard-to-reach spaces. 

Effortlessly cycle through 3 heat settings, ensuring perfect results for every iron-on (HTV), Infusible Ink, and sublimation project. The comfortable hand and precision tip offer supreme control and accuracy, making it easy to achieve flawless transfers.

Despite its small size, it packs versatility, working seamlessly with major HTV and iron-on materials. Paired with an insulated safety base and auto-off feature, this heat press is compact, lightweight, and easy to store, adding convenience to your crafting adventures. 


  • High-Impact Results for Uniquely Shaped Projects
  • Effortless and Accurate Heat Settings
  • Compact, Lightweight, and Easy to Store
  • Versatile Compatibility with Major HTV and Iron-On Brands
  • Ideal Companion for Cricut Smart Cutting Machines


  • Limited Surface Area for Larger Projects
  • May Require Extra Patience for Intricate Transfers
  • Auto-Off Feature Might Cause Minor Interruptions in Prolonged Use


The Cricut EasyPress Mini Heat Press is a mighty tool for crafting perfectionists, offering exceptional heat-transfer results for small, challenging projects. Its 3 heat settings and precision tip ensure effortless and accurate transfers, making it a valuable addition to any crafter’s toolkit. 

WOOKRAYS Heat Press Tshirt Printing Machine 

The WOOKRAYS 8 in 1 Combo Heat Press Machine offers a versatile and efficient solution for all your heat transfer needs. Its 360° swing-away design ensures safety and even heat distribution, providing a full-range press directly and evenly. 

With multiple heating plates and press attachments, this machine caters to various textiles like ceramics, glass, cotton, hemp, chemical fiber, and nylon, making it ideal for a wide range of projects.

The WOOKRAYS 8 in 1 Combo Heat Press Machine is a reliable and multifunctional tool for all heat transfer enthusiasts. Its 360° swing-away design ensures safety and precise heat distribution, guaranteeing high-quality finished transfers. 

The wide range of heating plates and press attachments allows you to explore various textiles and materials, making it suitable for diverse projects. The LED display with dual integrated digital controller provides convenience and accuracy for pre-setting temperature and timer countdowns. 


  • 360° Swing-Away Design for Safe and Even Heat Distribution
  • Multiple Heating Plates and Press Attachments for Versatile Applications
  • LED Display with Dual Integrated Digital Controller for Precise Temperature and Timer Settings
  • Self-Locking Function for Temperature Settings
  • Full-Range Pressure Adjustment Knob for Customized Pressure
  • Widely Used for Transferring Letters, Numbers, and Images onto Various Flat Surfaces


  • Large Size Might Require Adequate Space
  • LED Display May Require Familiarization for Optimal Usage
  • Full-Range Pressure Adjustment May Require Trial and Error for Novice Users


The full-range pressure adjustment knob adds customization options to match material thickness. Whether you’re working on T-shirts, garments, bags, mouse mats, jigsaw puzzles, ceramic tiles, plates, or other flat surfaced items, this heat press machine and printer set cater to your creative desires. 

VEVOR Screen Printing Machine 

The VEVOR Screen Printing Machine 4 Color 1 Station Press is a reliable and versatile tool for all your DIY printing projects. Its premium full metal structure, advanced electrostatic spraying technology, and mechanical bearings ensure stable operation and precise positioning, making it a long-term investment for your printing needs.

The 360° rotary design and adjustable spring device add versatility and balance to your printing projects. While assembly and calibration may require some patience, the VEVOR Screen Printing Machine delivers professional results for years to come. 

Whether you’re printing on clothing, pillowcases, fabrics, metals, paper, plastics, wood, glass, ceramics, leather, or other products requiring photolithography, this screen printing machine caters to your diverse creative needs.


  • Install Four Screen Plates Simultaneously for Efficient Printing
  • Table-Type Design Saves Space and Facilitates Transportation
  • Durable Electroplating-Processed Surface is Easy to Clean and Rust-Proof
  • 360° Rotary Design Allows Independent Arm Rotation for Flexibility


  • Assembly and Calibration May Require Patience for New Users
  • Table-Type Design May Have Limited Space for Larger Projects
  • Independently Rotating Arms Might Require Familiarity for Optimal Usage


The VEVOR Screen Printing Machine 4 Color 1 Station Press is a valuable addition to any DIY printing setup. Its premium material and advanced technology ensure a stable and precise printing experience. The space-saving table-type design makes it suitable for various workspaces, and the electroplating-processed surface guarantees durability and easy maintenance. 

Buying guide: t-shirt printing machine for small business

With expert insights and valuable tips, I’m here to empower you with the wisdom needed to make the perfect choice for your small business. Your t-shirt printing success story awaits! 

1. Printing method 

When it comes to printing methods, you’ve got options galore! From versatile heat press machines to vibrant DTG printers and efficient screen printing machines, each has its pros and cons. Consider your production volume and customization needs to pick the method that suits you best. 

2. Design 

Your designs are the heart and soul of your business, so it’s crucial to choose a printing machine that can do them justice. Look for machines with high-resolution capabilities to ensure your artwork shines bright like a diamond on those tees. Time to make your designs pop!

3. Print area

The bigger, the better, right? Well, not always! Assess your t-shirt sizes and design dimensions to find the ideal print area. Too small, and you’ll miss out on epic designs; too large, and it’s wasted space. Strike that perfect balance and let your imagination run wild!

4. Plate surface 

You’ve got an awe-inspiring design ready to hit the tees, but a bumpy plate ruins it all. When choosing your dream t-shirt printer, make sure it boasts a flat, smooth plate surface. Why? Because it’s the secret ingredient to flawless prints!  

5. Weight 

Size matters, but so does weight! Consider your workspace and portability needs when choosing a t-shirt printing machine. A lightweight and compact machine might be your on-the-go partner, while a sturdy heavyweight could be your trusty workhorse. Make the weight work for you!

6. Temperature 

Let’s talk hot stuff – temperature! For heat press machines, temperature control is vital for achieving precise and durable prints. Look for machines with adjustable heat settings to handle various fabrics like a pro. It’s time to heat things up!

7. Build quality 

You want your t-shirt printing machine to be your loyal companion for the long haul, right? Durable build quality is the secret sauce to a machine that stands the test of time and delivers outstanding results. Invest in quality, and you’ll reap the rewards!

Hot FAQs: t-shirt printing machine for small business

Is t-shirt printing business profitable?

Yes, a t-shirt printing business can be profitable, but success depends on factors like market demand, quality of designs, and cost-effective production. With the right strategies and marketing, you can turn a t-shirt printing business into a lucrative venture.

How much does it cost to start a t-shirt printing business?

The cost of starting a t-shirt printing business can vary widely depending on the scale and equipment chosen. A basic setup with a heat press machine can start around $2,000-$5,000, while a direct-to-garment (DTG) printing machine can range from $10,000-$20,000. 

Consider additional expenses for materials, marketing, and operating costs when budgeting for your business.

How much profit per t-shirt?

The profit per t-shirt in a printing business depends on factors such as the cost of materials, labor, and overhead expenses, as well as the selling price. On average, a small business can make a profit of $5 to $10 per t-shirt, while larger operations may see higher margins. 

To maximize profits, focus on efficient production, cost-effective sourcing, and competitive pricing strategies.

Which printer is best for t-shirt printing?

The best printer for t-shirt printing depends on your specific needs and budget. Heat press machines are versatile and cost-effective for small businesses. Direct-to-Garment (DTG) printers offer high-quality prints with intricate designs. 

Screen printing machines are ideal for bulk orders. Research popular brands like Epson, Brother, and Roland, and choose a printer that aligns with your production volume, customization complexity, and desired print quality.

What is DTG t-shirt printing?

DTG (Direct-to-Garment) t-shirt printing is a modern printing method that involves directly applying ink to a t-shirt’s fabric using specialized inkjet technology. Unlike traditional methods, DTG printing does not require screens or stencils, making it suitable for small orders.

It offers high-quality and detailed prints, allowing businesses to produce customized t-shirts with vibrant colors and intricate artwork quickly and efficiently.

Wrapping up: t-shirt printing machine for small business

You’ve unlocked the secret to the best t-shirt printing machine for small business. It’s time to embrace the exhilaration of running a t-shirt printing powerhouse! Unleash your inner Picasso and watch your small business soar to new heights. 

The world is craving your unique designs, and I’m cheering you on every step of the way. Get ready to print, dazzle, and conquer like the creative genius you are! 

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