Top 7 Best Work From Home Gadgets For Better Productivity

work from home gadgets
Work from home gadgets

After the Covid-19 Pandemic, working from home, freelancing, or remote jobs have become a norm. Nothing feels better than working at the comfort of your home whenever you want. But do you know people who tend to work from home have a 13% increase in performance? And this is possible because of a productive work-from-home setup with technologies and gadgets to lessen the pressure on your shoulders.

Are you looking to set up your work from home office and don’t know where to start? I must say this is your lucky day as I brought the top 7 essential and must-have work from home gadgets and accessories for freelancers and remote workers. Let’s have a quick idea of them followed by how they can prove to be helpful for you.

Best Work From Home Gadgets For Better Productivity

Laptop Stand for Desk

Brand: Arae
Color: Gray
Form Factor: Tripod
Mounting Type: Tabletop

Bluetooth Headphone

Brand: Marshall
Color: Black
Ear Placement: On Ear
Form Factor: On Ear

Smart Wi-Fi Router

Brand: TP-Link
Frequency: 5 GHz
Connectivity: Wi-Fi
Color: Black

External Hard Drive

Digital Storage: 2 TB
Connectivity: USB
Brand: Seagate
Color: Black

Fast Charging Power Bank

Brand: Mophie
Battery: 20000 MaH
Compatible: Smartphones, Tablets, USB Devices
Color: Black

Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Brand: JBL
Output Power: 30 Watts
Frequency: 20 KHz
Connectivity: Bluetooth

Seat Cushion Pillow

Color: Black Mesh
Fill: Memory Foam

Laptop Stand For Desk

The most underrated and productive accessory for working from home is a laptop stand. Do you know how comfortable it is to work when you are at the eye-level with your system? With the laptop stand, you will no more have to deal with neck issues, back pain, or unbalanced focus.

The Arae Portable Laptop Stand is the best option when it comes to ergonomic design, adjustable size, and most importantly rigid quality. You can easily adjust the positioning of this laptop stand to mount 9 inches to 15.6 inches devices.

The anti-slip body of the laptop stand will always keep your device safe from falling, no matter what. You can effortlessly pack it up in a small bag and carry it anywhere with you as the lightweight laptop stand comes with a weight of ‎9.4 ounces only. This stylish grey color workspace gadget is not only going to be aesthetic to your work from space effort but also allows your laptop for heat dissipation with its unique design.

Do you know what’s the best part about this laptop stand for desk by Arae? The 4.5 stars rating on Amazon and 99.99% customer satisfaction. It means you will be getting complete value for every single cent.

Bluetooth Headphones

Do you know what’s the most essential and must-have workspace gadget? A noise-canceling headphone. How? You probably would not like it if you miss on a great opportunity or a high-paying client just because your online meeting was full of noise distraction.

Yeah, I thought the same and that’s why Bluetooth headphone is a must. If you are looking for the best option in the headphone sector, I am totally going to recommend Major IV Bluetooth Headphone by Marshall.

This great quality Marshall Headphone comes with an insane battery life giving you 80 hours of non-stop playtime with a full charge. And guess what? If you are in hurry for a meeting and you forgot to charge your headphones, the quick 15 minutes of charging can give you 15 hours of listening.

The ergonomic style of the headphones is manufactured to give you a comfortable experience for hours and hours.

Wait! How can I forget to discuss the signature sound of Marshall headphones? The Marshall Major IV Bluetooth headphones are custom-tuned to give you the perfect sound blend. The dynamic drivers offered by the headphones are capable to give you a rich melody covering smooth jazz to roaring bass. So you can enjoy your favorite music while working when you are not using them in an online meeting.

Want to know other headphone options that can enhance your experience? Have a look at 6 BEST NOISE-CANCELING HEADPHONES TO WORK FROM HOME

Smart Wi-Fi Router

Getting a Wi-Fi Router for your work from home office setup is the smartest move you can make. Why? A seamless internet connection between all your devices while you are working on a project is going to make everything 10X more productive.

The WiFi router helps you establish a LAN network connecting all your devices as well as offers a stable internet connection which is the pioneer of working from home. Speaking of the WiFi router, do you know what’s number One in this sector?

TP-Link. The TP-Link AC1750 Smart WiFi Router comes in the most affordable price range making it a great deal. The three antennas installed in the smart Wi-Fi router can extend your network range so you can attend that online meeting from your backyard enjoying nature or working on a cool project in the lounge.

The device is also compatible with Alexa so you can give voice commands without moving from your cozy couch. The dual-band high-frequency WiFi Router can connect up to 50 devices at a time, providing the fastest internet speed and giving you the best experience with its security technology. You can effortlessly set up your WiFi router in minutes and get to work in no time.

External Hard Drive

Do you know how to make your work from home office setup more productive and accessible? Get enough memory according to your skill to back you up. How awkward the situation will get if a long-lost client approaches you again and you cannot remember the project since you had to delete files to make room for the next ones.

The solution to your problem is a portable external hard drive by Seagate. The 3.5 inches STGX2000400 Seagate External Hard Drive comes with a memory space of 2 Terabytes and USB connectivity to connect to all your devices and systems such as PC (Windows or Mac), PS4, Gaming consoles, etc.

Worried because you are not a tech enthusiast to set up gadgets like these? Not a problem. The plug-and-play connectivity of a Hard Drive lets you connect it to your system and you are ready to move your files with absolutely no software required.

You can also find it in other memory sizes ranging from 500 GB to 20 TB with different styles such as Portable SSD, External HDD, Portable HDD, Desktop Hub, and Desktop HDD. The Seagate Hard Drive also offers a USB cable and User Guide for you to get started in seconds.

Fast Charging Power Bank

Do you know what the worst thing in the world is? A constantly crying baby and battery-dead devices when you really need to work. You cannot do anything about the crying baby but you can keep a battery backup to always stay productive and working.

The Mophie Powerstation comes with a capacity of 20,000 mAh to keep your phone, tab, headphones, Bluetooth speakers, and other USB devices always charged. The power bank offers you fast charging up to 50% in 30 minutes only as well as can charge up to 3 devices at a time.

You will be glad to know that it does not only support a USB type-C port but also lets you enjoy USB type-A so all your devices can be charged without any hustle. The 4-LED light on Mophie Powerstation keeps you updated with the charging of the power bank also so you never run out of battery.

Let’s talk about the sleek design of the Mophie Powerstation that can easily fit in your pocket and not get heavy too as it is built with lightweight technology. The non-slip and premium material used in manufacturing makes it the top option for millions of people. Accidentally damaged your power bank? Not a problem, the company covers 2-year warranty support to give you the best experience of your life.

Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Are you wondering why would you need a Bluetooth speaker for your work from home setup? I was wondering the same until I came across WebFX research that 61% of people tend to work more productively and 88% work more accurately while listening to their favorite music. I tested this to check if it’s really true. And guess what? I finished the same task in 40 minutes which previously took me one and a half hours.

Well, what can be a better portable Bluetooth speaker option than JBL Charge 4, the most efficient and powerful speaker for your home office. The sleek and stylish-looking JBL Charge 4 is designed in 10 different styles for you to choose your favorite color.

You can connect up to 2 devices with this Bluetooth speaker and play audio turn by turn. The rechargeable Li-ion 7500mAH battery gives you a non-stop playtime of 20 hours so you never have to keep running for charging.

Besides the home office purpose, the JBL Charge 4 is introduced with some breathtaking features to make it a worthy purchase. Such as water-proof technology, connecting up to 100 JBL speakers, durable manufacturing, and most important of all, powerful stereo with passive radiators for an extraordinary sound system.

Seat Cushion Pillow

Sitting for hours to get done with your work but your back starts to hurt? As a freelancer myself, I can totally relate to you. Once I was unable to work for 3 days and missed deadlines because of severe back pain that wouldn’t let me sit for 10 minutes. But this problem had to be solved. I went online, look for multiple ways, tried different things, and finally found the solution.

Seat Cushion Pillow by 5 Stars United does the magic with its ergonomic design and firm memory foam for tailbone, lower back pain, and sciatica. The cushion provides you extra support for long work hours by giving your spine the natural curve, evenly distributing the weight of your body, and lessening the pressure off your spinal discs.

It is manufactured with a comfortable pad to increase the blood flow in your body while sitting to reduce muscle fatigue and leg tightness. You might be wondering if it gets sweaty and hot because of rubber but the case is totally the opposite.

The seat cushion pillow is manufactured with mesh technology for proper air circulation and to keep you fresh as always for more productivity and better working. The cushion is also recommended by orthopedics for a healthy position and lumbar support to not cause severe pain. Fit this on any chair you want or remove the cover to wash it occasionally, and you are all set to go.   

Hot FAQs

Got some questions that you can’t keep thinking about? Don’t worry, here I have answered some of the most frequently asked questions.

What gadgets every work from home person must have?

Usually, a decent work from home setup comprises a spacious table, a comfy ergonomic chair, your PC system or Laptop, a Wi-Fi router for fast networking, a wireless mouse, keyboards, and gadgets helpful in your skill like a freelance photographer will need a good resolution camera.

How can I improve my work from home (WFH) setup?

Enhancing your work from home (WFH) setup is actually a good deal as you are investing in your productivity. Buying gadgets is a great way to add effectiveness but make sure you stay within budget. Also keeping everything in a neat, clean, and crisp way can really set the mood for work.

How much work from home setup cost?

You can get a work from home office setup ranging from anywhere between $500 to $15,000 and beyond. If you want high-quality branded gadgets only, it is going to cost you more than $10,000. However, if you want to keep everything low-key and within the budget, you can easily find decent gadgets online under the $500 range.

Can work from home gadgets increase my productivity?

Of course, yes. Work from home gadgets is the best way to increase your productivity. Just imagine missing a deadline because your internet was slow or your laptop keeps hanging. Upgrading your workspace gadgets from time to time is an investment with big ROI.

Before you go

With the boom in technology, our lives have become so much easier with the help of advanced gadgets and machines. But choosing the right gadget is what makes an experience worthwhile. So, don’t comprise on your work and enhance it with the above-reviewed productivity gadgets.

Want to know what other gadgets can help you make the work from home experience better? Look through these and make the RIGHT decision.




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