Top 5 Free LinkedIn Headline Generator For Better Optimization

free LinkedIn headline generator
Free LinkedIn Headline Generator

A LinkedIn headline is the GOLD place to attract more profile views turning them into successful leads. It appears under your name, so whether you comment on someone’s post or post content yourself, people will judge you based on your headline and decide whether they want to visit your profile. Free LinkedIn headline generator available online can prove to be a great resource in your optimization quest.

Free LinkedIn headline generators

The headline is not only to attract profile views but it is a major part of your LinkedIn profile optimization so you need to make sure you do it the RIGHT way.

Though you can write a good LinkedIn headline yourself, it is never bad to take help and enhance it for the perfect shot at your LinkedIn profile optimization. After this list, you can also find a secret method you cannot afford to miss.

Here are the top 5 LinkedIn Headline Generators for free to use.

Resume Worded

Resume Worded is an AI tool developed to help professionals improve their LinkedIn profiles with suggestions that stand out in the real world. All you have to do is go to their website and upload your LinkedIn profile in PDF format. You will have a review of your LinkedIn profile done in under ten seconds.

I assume you might be wondering at this point how I get a PDF version of my LinkedIn profile. Go to your LinkedIn profile and click on the ‘More’ section. Choose ‘Save to PDF’ from the drop-down list.

With the suggestions from Resume Worded, you can write a new LinkedIn headline for yourself that actually draws attention.

Resume Worded
Resume Worded – Free LinkedIn headline generator is a free tool for everyone to help them in content creation whether it is a blog post or an email to your subscribers. Nothing beats the quick turnaround of One of the best tools has to offer is generating LinkedIn headlines for newbies or literally anyone.

All you need to do is go to the website and search for the LinkedIn headline generator in the search bar. Enter your role, select a tone of your headline, and you are done. – Free LinkedIn headline generator is another AI tool considered one of the best in helping people create content hassle-free. With this tool, you can create from sales to pages blog posts, and much more. To get started with, you have to do is create your Jasper account and locate the Templates. Find the ‘headline’ generator, enter the required information and click on Generate to get done with it.

Want to get free 10,000 credits to use? Sign up with this link and get your reward now. – Free LinkedIn headline generator

Linked Jetpack

Linked Jetpack is an all-in-one tool to provide LinkedIn services ranging from headline generators to endorsements and recommendations. The tool claims to provide a keyword-oriented, eye-catching, and engaging mission statement to enhance your LinkedIn headline to the best.

To generate a LinkedIn headline with Linked Jetpack, you need to follow a series of steps or rather I say fill in some questions for a customized headline according to your taste.  

According to my personal experience, the tool does not create much of a solution-centric headline but you can get different ideas and words to use in your headline.

Linked Jetpack
Linked Jetpack – Free LinkedIn headline generator

Linked Prospect

Personally, I liked Linked Prospect the most as it helps you develop a solution-centric and easy-to-comprehend headline. However, you might need to polish the suggestion of Linked Prospect to get final results.

Generating headlines with Linked Jetpack, you need to fill your target audience, your skill, and the results you bring to your clients. This tool can be used to generate a LinkedIn headline for personal branding or business development.

Linked Prospect
Linked Prospect – Free LinkedIn headline generator

Secret LinkedIn Headline Generator

With the launch of ChatGPT, the whole town is just talking about this new AI content generator and how it can change a business. Well, you can also use it for your benefit by generating LinkedIn headlines.

ChatGPT is an advanced natural language processing tool that generates creative and attention-grabbing LinkedIn headlines for your profile. With its state-of-the-art language modeling capabilities, ChatGPT can analyze your unique skills, experiences, and achievements to craft the perfect headline.

That showcases your professional identity and sets you apart from the competition. Whether you’re a recent graduate looking to make a splash in your industry or an experienced professional looking to revamp your LinkedIn presence, ChatGPT has you covered.

Give it a try today and take your LinkedIn profile to the next level!

ChatGPT AI Content generator
ChatGPT AI LinkedIn Headline generator

Hot FAQs: LinkedIn Headline Generator

Now you know how to write a GOOD LinkedIn headline but what’s the benefit when you don’t know how it is going to affect you? So here I have answered the most frequently asked questions regarding LinkedIn headlines to help you.

Where is the headline located on your LinkedIn profile?

The LinkedIn headline is presented under your name on the profile. It can be explained as a short description of what you do or how you can help people looking for a specific service. The maximum limit for the LinkedIn headline is 220 characters.

What is a good headline for LinkedIn?

A good headline for LinkedIn is built on the following formula: Helping (Target Audience) through (unique selling point) with (a grantee people can trust your brand).

Why is my LinkedIn headline important?

LinkedIn headline helps you summarize your services and skills in a unique and short way to help people recognize what you are best. It can be a great way to attract the sights of recruiters or potential clients for more opportunities. Google search results show your LinkedIn headline so you need to completely optimize it.

Have some more questions regarding LinkedIn and how it works? I answered 31+ most frequently asked questions regarding the platform. Read them here.

Wrapping up: LinkedIn Headline Generator

Now you are familiar with the top 5 LinkedIn headline generators for free. Make sure you optimize your LinkedIn headline the first thing and don’t miss out on great opportunities. 78% of people don’t optimize their LinkedIn headline and keep using the default LinkedIn headline which is the current or last job title.

It is your chance to stand out with the optimized LinkedIn headline. One tip to rank for a specific skill or niche is to add the main keyword in your LinkedIn headline so your profile shows up when a recruiter search for it.

Do you want to know some professionals who can help you write the perfect headline for your LinkedIn profile with keyword orientation and optimization? Here you go.

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