How To Improve Your Blogs? 5 Best Free Writing Tools of 2024

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Are you a writer? Or are you aiming to get the writing skills to kick start your career in this field? If so, then this blog will be very useful for you. In this blog post, we’re discussing five of the best writing tools you should have on hand at all times.

As we all know writing is an art. And as with any art, there are tools you can use to help make your job easier. It is difficult to think about writing without looking at some of the tools available. Nowadays, it is quite clear that tools are essential for success in any profession.

In this fierce competition, it is helpful to have a set of tools that will allow you to plan your content, research information, and much more so that you can include it in your content. You should keep reading this content for a list of five tools every writer must-have.

What writing tools can improve your blogs?

However, some of these writing tools are not new, but they still are worth mentioning. So without further taking time, let’s discuss the five amazing tools every writer must have.


Anyone who writes knows that grammar and spelling are essential for a good piece of writing. Unfortunately, these skills can be quite difficult to learn on your own. That’s where the Grammarly tool comes in. Grammarly is software that helps writers improve their grammar and spelling. It also includes tools to help writers better track their writing progress.

Whether you’re a newbie writer or an experienced one, using Grammarly is a great way to improve your writing skills. Grammarly has its chrome extension as well. Those who cannot afford paid version of it can download their free extension on windows.

Every writer needs a good grammar tool, and Grammarly is the best one out there. It’s easy to use and can help you with everything from finding mistakes to improving your writing style. If you’re not using Grammarly, you’re losing out on a lot of benefits that it provides.


Semrush is a powerful writing tool. It helps you find and analyze keywords, and track your website’s traffic. Semrush keyword research tool allows you to uncover new keyword opportunities. And those new keywords help in ranking on search engines efficiently.

It would not be wrong to say that semrush is a search engine for researching information. It has a wide range of features that writers can use to find the information they need. This can assist writers in quickly and easily finding information on the subject of their writing.

On the other hand, it also allows you to research the latest trends in your field, track your progress, and analyze your data. Semrush also has a wide variety of tools that are perfect for writers. For example, you cannot only use it to find keywords that are relevant to your topic but you can also analyze the SEO department, and create effective titles for your articles.

Semrush is a must-have for any writer who wants to improve their work. It also has a tool that allows you to see how people are searching for your keywords on the internet. This might assist you in determining where to concentrate your marketing efforts.

However, if you haven’t tried Semrush yet, then what are you waiting for? Just signup with your email id and avail one of the best services available on the Internet.

Semrush is available for free with restricted features. Therefore, I recommend you buy this tool if you are no longer a beginner writer.


This is an online publication where you may read articles. Medium, like WordPress and Blogger, is a blogging platform. It allows you to easily and quickly communicate your thoughts and ideas to others.

If you’re a writer, you need to be using This site is perfect for publishing your work online and it has more than enough tools and features to help you write better and produce more quality content.

Some of the best tools that Medium has to offer is its listening tools. Those who do not want to read an article; can just click on listen to option. Then you can easily listen to the audio version of that particular content.  In addition, Medium offers a variety of resources, including articles on grammar, writing style, and writing tips.

It’s also great for finding readers, getting feedback, and building an audience. If you want to build an audience and share your work with the world, having a blog is essential. And the medium is similar to a blog. It gives you the ability to share your work more broadly and get feedback from your readers directly.

You can also create your profile on Medium, which showcases your work and connect with readers. Make sure that your profile is up-to-date and full of useful information about you as a writer.

Plagiarism checker

Being a writer, you know that mistakes happen every time you write something. But with the help of the right tools, you can minimize the chances of making a mistake that could lead to plagiarism. One such tool is a plagiarism checker. This amazing tool can help you identify any similarities between your words and those of other writers.

With this knowledge in hand, you can take appropriate steps to avoid any copyright strike. Even Google is very strict regarding plagiarized content. Google will never rank your content which is having a plagiarism issue. And if you are aiming to get AdSense approval on your blog while your content has some plagiarism issue then forget about the payment which you are thinking from Google Adsense.

Google only pays you via Adsense only if your content is original. Therefore, writers need to make sure that their work is original and not plagiarized. A plagiarism checker tool can help with this task. It will scan the text for any similarities to other sources and let the writer know if their work has been copied without permission. This tool can be a valuable asset for anyone who writes for a living.

Answer the public

Answer the public is a keyword tool that uses an image to represent search inquiries and autocomplete suggestions. It allows us to gain a better understanding of how people look for information on a given topic by providing questions and inquiries that you might not think of on your own.

This shows that “Answer the Public” is not just a keyword-finding tool. It also helps in finding the topics you may be interested in. The topics or information appear in a few categories for your better understanding. What, where, and why are some of the categories used to organize the information.

Writing articles on daily basis is not an easy job. Sometimes the writer’s mind gets blocked when he or she writes regularly. Here in this situation answer, the public makes the life of a writer easy. You just have to write a short keyword in the search bar, and ready-made topic ideas will appear in front of you.

What else do you need if you have such an outstanding tool with you? Therefore, do not miss it if you are in the writing field.

content writing tools
Via Answer The Public

Before you go

As a writer, you need to be able to communicate your ideas to your audience effectively. For that, you need to have the right writing tools with you. That’s what I have discussed and shared with you in this blog. If you’re not using these tools which I have mentioned, now is the time to make full use of them. Not only will they help you write better content, but they’ll also save you time and energy in the long run.

On the other hand, if you are using these tools, it also gives you the edge over your competition. Hence, your content would be much better than others. Some of the mentioned tools are paid as well. However in the beginning you can try the free version. Later, once you become professional then I would suggest you buy these tools. This will be the investment that will give you a lot of returns.





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