Is Temu Dropshipping Profitable In 2024?


According to Analyzify, Temu became the most downloaded shopping app in the US in 2023, surpassing even Amazon. Can you believe it?

Temu boasted over 130 million downloads globally in under a year! But shopping is one thing; how about the Temu dropshipping business model that everyone’s been talking about lately?

Like all dropshipping models, Temu Dropshipping is a retail fulfillment method in which an online store sells products to customers but doesn’t keep them in stock. Let’s take a deeper look at Temu dropshipping and see if it will be profitable in 2024.

What is Temu Dropshipping?

Before we start learning how Temu dropship works, we need to know, ‘can you dropship from Temu’? looking at official Temu results, you will find ‘No’ in its answer. But a ‘No’ should not stop you.

By ‘No,’ Temu means that it’s not merely a dropshipping company; rather, you can use it as an online store. For the most part, Temu supports dropshipping without a proper platform and policy. Temu’s policies discourage dropshipping.

Temu encourages customers to buy directly through their platform. But if you still want to dropship from temu, here I have a complete guide for you.


Benefits Of Temu Dropship

According to Businessofapps, Temu exploded in popularity, reaching over 100 million active users in the US by May 2023. This huge number of users is a clear proof of people’s trust and choice. Following are some benefits of using temu dropship:

Sells Almost Everything!

Temu has 13 categories and 100+ subcategories, which makes me say temu sells almost everything! Whether you want to sell fashion items, piercings, appliances, household accessories, crockery, toys & games, pet supplies, or makeup products, Temu has got you covered.

The benefit of such vast product variety in dropshipping is that sellers get a wider reach to customers of all types and all needs. Plus, so many product ranges often lead the customer to add unessential items to the cart, which benefits the seller and Temu, of course.

Lowest Price Possible

Temu is famous for its low price. The main benefit of low cost in temu dropship is that the buyer doesn’t overthink much before buying. Most buyers don’t have high expectations when buying a cheap item.

Although the prices are crazy low on temu that customers often feel like they’re being scammed, But no involvement of a middleman in the process makes the prices so cheap. As a side information, low prices are the biggest reason the company has grown exponentially well in just a year.

Let me share a secret with you. Temu tricks the users through shipping costs by adjusting the shipping within the product price. By human psychology, users are willing to pay the price. As a cherry on top, Temu offers further discounts on already-cheap products.

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Policies And Shipping

Temu has a fair and Flexible return policy for its customers and sellers. It gives customers 90 days to check, and if the customer is unsatisfied, Temu has a handsome return policy. Since Temu’s headquarters is in the USA customers will get their orders pretty fast. But out of USA, deliveries get a bit delayed.

The way I see it, the benefit of Temu’s policies comes from its flexibility in the return policy. A 90-days return time is enough to convince a customer to buy even useless items.

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Step By Step Guide To Start Dropshipping From Temu

All right, so we don’t need any inventory, which is a big relief. But we do need to understand some important things if you want to establish a good reputation in dropshipping business. I have shortlisted some factors here:

Understand Your Niche

As I mentioned earlier, temu offers 100+ subcategories of products, but it doesn’t mean that you have to deal in all products. Grab a niche and sell items related to that niche.

My Advice: Pick only those products about which you are somewhat familiar.

People mostly shop online because some items are not available locally or in their area. So if you pick the “This is what I was looking for” items, you’re sure to get good sales. As for sellers, pick high-margin products. To ease your task, Temu offers the Temu Product Analysis Tool to get the best match.

Let’s Start Selling

Now that we have products let’s choose a platform to sell them. The most popular choice is Amazon. Amazon is best for beginners, but it costs a few pennies.

Since Amazon is already well-known, you already have a following and don’t need to invest time in marketing. Finding the greatest goods to sell and providing customer service might take up your time.


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Well, for a more professional and advanced approach, go for your own store. However, investing in your own shop is a preferable option if you want complete control over your brand and business. For consistency, you may create your own store and trademark it. There will be expenses in any case.

In that case, Shopify is among the best choices. Starting from scratch is the most costly as it requires paying a developer, purchasing a domain, purchasing hosting, integrating features, and other costs.

Using the prebuilt website is a simple solution because they simply need monthly subscription costs and include all the necessary tools for you to begin selling professionally.


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Touch Up

Okay, now we have products and a platform where we can list them. Next, product import is the next important stage. Make sure to write proper product titles, product features, estimated delivery time, and proper images.

Then, calculate your prices by Making sure your final pricing includes the buying cost, all additional fees, and your profit margin. Just so you know, it’s a very time-consuming and sensitive step.

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Everything is ready now, and we just need to tell everyone about our newly established store. Marketing is the only way to stand out in the hub of dropshippers. I suggest going with free sources first. Start by social media such as Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, and YouTube.

Pro Tip: Instagram Reels and YouTube shorts have more reach than static image posts. Try making attractive reels.

The good part of Amazon is that it has built-in marketing tools. For your information, SEO is also the best way to market your business. Showcase your perks like discounts, your unique selection of products and how your business is different than others.

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Start Earning

Even one order is an achievement in the huge competition of drop shippers. It is your responsibility to ensure that every order is completed elegantly. I mean, you must give Temu the order and the customer’s information, and Temu will take care of the rest.

However, make sure you stay in close contact with the client on their order and status. Make sure they can see the progress of their order in real-time. Ask users for their feedback and implement the suggestions in your strategy.

The biggest disadvantage of Temu dropshipping is its orange packing and Temu logo. The package clearly indicates that the items are being delivered by Temu which ultimately means that you can’t maintain your own business identity.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Temu have Brands’ Products?

No, Temu deals in local and cheap products. Even if a seller mentions a brand’s name, there is a high chance that the product might be fake or copied.

Does Temu Offer Quality Products?

I think the buyer should not expect a luxury product at a cheap price. Because with great price comes great quality. You can go through the Temu reviews to make a better decision.

How is Temu’s Interface And User Experience?

When it comes to user interface, Temu’s website and app provide a flawless shopping experience, simple navigation, easy finding of anything, an eye-catching responsive layout, and great features for discovering the items.

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Conclusion: Temu Dropshipping

Well, Temu’s growth rate is proof that this eCommerce platform is the one to stay. Temu can be the perfect supplier you need to start your dropshipping business. Its wide range of products, affordable prices, and return policy are enough to attract customers.

But the fact that it’s not a dropshipping supplier and doesn’t allow much customization should make you rethink that your customers are likely to go to Temu directly for their next purchase. So try making a strategy that stands out from all dropshippers.

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