Fiverr VS Upwork VS Freelancer: What Truth You Should Know?

fiverr vs upwork vs freelancer
Fiverr vs Upwork vs Freelancer

Several websites make it possible to outsource one-time work to freelancers. The number of such sites is growing, owing to an increase in online freelancers and a wide range of specialties. But which one of them is truly best for you; Fiverr vs Upwork vs Freelancer? Let’s find out.

Such websites offer both advantages and disadvantages. Since there is no guarantee of success on any freelancing site the job for freelancers, it’s critical to understand how to advertise effectively. But don’t worry; regardless of your degree of experience, this is feasible.

Try building customer connections instead of freelancing marketplaces like Fiverr and Upwork if you want long-term success. Doing this may increase your income and acquire new projects without paying any transaction costs.

Fiverr vs Upwork

If you would instead take the initiative and actively seek employment than wait for people to contact you, use Upwork. If you want to get started immediately without going through any hurdles, use Fiverr.

Except for specific terminologies and business ethics, Upwork and Fiverr operate similarly. The following are the advantages and disadvantages of Fiverr vs Upwork for freelancers:

Freedom to escape

Clients cannot begin a contract on Upwork until a freelancer accepts it. Furthermore, when using Project Catalog, customers and freelancers have 24 hours to cancel an order without penalties.

However, after a Gig has been acquired on Fiverr, it is not as simple to modify its path. All Gig cancellations can result in a seller’s rating being reduced, even if the buyer initiated the cancellation.

Range of skills

Fiverr reported a rise in high-value purchasers, who now account for 58% of their revenue. Upwork works across 12 industry verticals and has over 10,000 skill sets accessible.

On the other hand, Fiverr has tasks and freelancers with over 500 available skill sets across 9 industry verticals. But still, Upwork has 145.4 thousand active core clients who spend at least $5,000 each year on Fiverr vs Upwork for beginners.


Due to good security, in 2020, Fiverr processed $699.3 million in gross sales value. Upwork takes security extremely seriously. Along with safe contracts and payment protection.

Fiverr app also provides help and support staff to assist with the platform or bought Gig issues. However, Upwork’s security is superior to Fiverr’s for both clients and sellers.

Charges and fee

You will also be charged processing costs when you withdraw your money. For Instant Pay withdrawals, Upwork charges a $2 processing fee.

When you run out of free Connects, you may buy more for $.015 in bundles of 10 for $.015 each. Fiverr’s costs are more straightforward; they deduct a flat 20% of your profits, regardless of how much you earn.

Difficulty level

On Upwork, you may locate possibilities quickly, but it may take some time to establish your credibility and assemble a loyal clientele.

On Fiverr, you may go to work immediately after joining up. Create a compelling gig and begin selling. Here is how you can start freelancing on Fiverr.

Personal information

It is noteworthy that freelancers are exempt from having to provide their proper names to clients during the Fiverr signup process.

However, Upwork demands comprehensive verification, and your profile may be denied for little inconsistencies most of the time. The seller may become frustrated and go to another site as a result.

Fiverr VS Upwork
Fiverr VS Upwork

Upwork vs freelancer

Upwork features a broader range of abilities and projects and provides free membership. This means you want to develop a steady flow of excellent clients who could become long-term clients. However, freelancers should know that they must pay a small fee anytime they bid on a job. Other advantages and disadvantages include:


Upwork has around 12 million freelancers and around 5 million clients working with it. Freelancer has 21 million users worldwide. It earned the Best Employment Website award two years in a row. Upwork gets 80% of its gross service volume from only 20% of its clients.

Fee and charges

Upwork adds a 5% processing fee to the entire transaction amount paid to a freelancer. This is an increase from their previous price of 3%, but Upwork compensates by providing all users free access to Plus services.

Although freelancers’ rates are lower, there is little incentive to build long-term connections with customers. You will be charged a fee of 10%-$5 for fixed-price contracts, 10% for hourly jobs, and 20% for services.

Hiring rate

Upwork clients are more honest, pay better, and are more likely to give you long-term employment prospects, making hiring a challenge.

However, clients can recruit newcomers on Freelancer as well. As a result, the majority of new freelancers may be spammed. In 2020, Upwork processed $2.52 billion in gross service volume. This is a 20.57% growth over the previous year.

Ease for client

Small and medium-sized firms account for over 80% of Upwork’s GSV. While both sites provide simple search options, Freelancer’s numerous categories and subcategories might be challenging to traverse.

The site includes over 1800 subcategories, which might be challenging to navigate if you seek work regularly. Upwork offers an advantage with its easy-to-use search engine that allows you to track jobs in your field.

Upwork vs Freelancer
Upwork vs Freelancer

Fiverr vs Freelancer

If you want total control over the scope of your job and the freedom to sketch out your services, choose Fiverr login. Fiverr is the most incredible place for freelancers to sell their skills, whereas Freelancer allows you to submit job offers and projects. The following are the advantages and disadvantages of Fiverr versus freelancers:

Business ethics

It’s a good idea to consider all the aspects that may affect you while selecting a freelancing marketplace, including work types, costs, how fast and safely you can get paid, and more.

The Fiverr app allows freelancers to present their desired services via the network. However, Freelancer will enable users to publish job vacancies and projects.

Freelancer’s selection

Freelancer obtains 75.77% of its traffic from direct sources and 18.39% from search engines. Fiverr highlights the job a seller can do for the consumer, making it simple to choose the right seller.

Whereas Freelancer highlights recognized freelancer talents and platform metrics, the user must estimate independently.


Fiverr offers a variety of services, whereas Freelancer has a large number of tasks in a variety of industries. However, Fiverr has a limited variety of functions, while Freelancer does not.

Also, Fiverr specifies the job the seller may perform, whereas Freelancer allows the consumer to find the work the seller does independently. Analysts anticipate a 250 million USD increase or a 25% increase in Fiverr revenue.

Method of working

Fiverr clearly identifies certain services throughout a wide range of expertise, making it much easier to discover the exact freelancer required for the work.

At the same time, a Freelancer is an attractive option for ongoing, regular tasks such as social media administration. Also, Freelancer is available in nearly three languages, but Fiverr is only available in English.


Some freelancers have complained of missing money and milestones on Freelancer, causing them to lose faith in the company. In addition, several clients have reported invoicing difficulties. However, there is no such problem on Fiverr because the payment and project delivery processes are safe.

Personal information

Outside of Fiverr, you cannot message the customer. You must use Fiverr for whatever you wish to say or send to your customer.

Additionally, Fiverr screens communications for inappropriate and illegal content and alerts the vendor or buyer. You can message the seller or client outside the platform using Freelancer. It leads to fraud and no reimbursement for the seller’s losses.

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Hot FAQs: Fiverr VS Upwork VS Freelancer

Where can I find the best freelancers?

Using Fiverr. At Fiverr, you may discover a wide variety of buyers and sellers. No matter Fiverr vs Upwork vs freelancer, after creating a standout profile, freelancers may relax and wait for clients to contact them directly or send them application invites.

How is Fiverr’s customer support?

Fiverr’s customer service is excellent for clients but less for sellers. Fiverr claims to have 24/7 customer service, but you must make a request to get in touch with them.

Upwork vs. Fiverr: Pricing differences

The registration and use of Fiverr and Upwork are free for independent contractors. However, Fiverr Pro is only accessible through application and is still 100% free for freelancers. For $14.99 a month, Upwork allows freelancers to upgrade from the default Freelancer Basic account to Freelancer Plus.

Which is better: Fiverr or Upwork?

Without a doubt, Fiverr is superior to Upwork. With Fiverr, newcomers and seasoned pros can get started immediately, unlike Upwork. Fiverr offers both sellers and buyers greater payment security.

Know more about how to avoid a Fiverr scam.

Wrapping up

In the freelance sector, competition is tough, whether in terms of quality or pricing. Freelancers can charge the same as full-time staff. They avoid offering excessive fees to persuade clients to outsource work rather than hire new in-house workers.

Because of the growing number of freelancers worldwide, Fiverr vs Upwork vs freelancer are competing. But, notwithstanding, Fiverr is the finest website to utilize to get employed or hire a freelancer. Fiverr’s security, pricing, processes, and services are excellent for hiring and working.



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