Best 4 Recommendation Generator for LinkedIn [Safe & Reliable]

Recommendation Generator for LinkedIn
Recommendation Generator for LinkedIn

Did someone ask you to write a recommendation for them, but you don’t know how it is done? In this guide, I am presenting you with the top 4 recommendation generators for LinkedIn. However, I can sense your confusion about why someone needs a recommendation for their LinkedIn profile.

You are at a BIG loss if you are still not making the most of LinkedIn. This professional platform is a goldmine of opportunities, whether you are a freelancer, the owner of an agency, or a big businessman. And the best part of LinkedIn is that you showcase your skills backed up with social proof of LinkedIn recommendations.

LinkedIn recommendation generator
LinkedIn recommendations

Best Recommendation Generator for LinkedIn

Let’s get to our main talk for tonight, the top LinkedIn recommendation generator:

Linked Jetpack

Linked Jetpack is an online platform providing multiple LinkedIn services ranging from endorsements to recommendations, likes, comments, shares, and more. You must answer some questions to generate a LinkedIn recommendation with Linked Jetpack. Such LinkedIn endorsements generator tools add weight to your profile.

Enter the name of the person you recommend, select their gender, and enter the job title and field of work. Next, you need to tell the company name and some skills you would like to mention in a recommendation for a personalized touch. Put your email in, and you are all set. Linked Jetpack offers you 5 different recommendations you can copy from.

Linked Jetpack
Linked Jetpack


Vanling is an online tool that helps you generate free LinkedIn recommendations quickly. To generate a recommendation with Vanling, enter the person’s name, gender, company, and job role. Hit the generate button, and you are good to go.

Though Vanling is easy to use and fast, I would not trade it for Linked Jetpack because it only generated one recommendation instead of 5 and has limited job role options. You can click the ‘Generate’ button multiple times for more recommendation options.


Social Recommendator

Social Recommendator is a one-page website for people looking for a LinkedIn recommendation generator. The process of generating recommendations with Social Recommendator is very clear and simple.

All you have to do is fill out the form with questions such as Name, Gender, Position title, description, company, and expertise. Click generate and wait for the results. You can copy/paste the recommendation or tweak some changes to make it personalized.

Social Recommendator
Social Recommendator


ChatGPT is a revolutionary tool that uses natural language processing to generate highly effective LinkedIn recommendations for your profile. Whether you’re a job seeker looking to impress potential employers or an established professional seeking to strengthen your network, ChatGPT can help.

Its advanced algorithms analyze your career history and achievements to generate personalized recommendations that highlight your skills and experiences most compellingly. ChatGPT is among the best LinkedIn recommendation generator AI tools. With ChatGPT, you can easily showcase your value to the LinkedIn community and stand out from the competition. Ready to hear ‘You’re Hired!”?

ChatGPT AI Content generator
ChatGPT LinkedIn recommendation generator

Hot FAQs: LinkedIn Recommendation Generator

How do I write a good recommendation on LinkedIn?

To write a good recommendation on LinkedIn, you can start with a catch line, followed by your work relationship with the person and the qualities you like most while working with them. Here is a complete guide if you want to read the step-by-step process.

How can I get a free LinkedIn recommendation generator?

You can get free recommendations on LinkedIn from people you have worked with or collaborate with professionals such as your colleagues from your job or freelancing clients. Asking for recommendations from strangers can weird them out since they don’t know you.

What should I say when sending a recommendation request on LinkedIn?

You can remind the person how good your experience was while working with them, and then politely ask if they are comfortable sharing a recommendation so you can build your social proof for more work.

How do I give recommendations on LinkedIn?

To give someone a recommendation on LinkedIn, you must first be connected with them. Go to their profile, click the ‘More’ button, and hit the ‘Recommend’ button. Fill out the relationship and position. Write a recommendation and click ‘Send.’

How do you request a recommendation on LinkedIn?

Like giving a recommendation, you need to be connected first if you ask someone for a recommendation. To ask for a recommendation, go to the person’s profile. Click the ‘More’ button and choose ‘request a recommendation’ from the drop-down list. Select your relationship and position. You can also add a personalized message and click send.

What is the best LinkedIn recommendation generator?

If you ask me, I would say Linked Jetpack is the best recommendation generator for LinkedIn. I liked it among all the others I tested to give you the best in this guide. It is free to use, fast, and has no process complications.

Can you buy LinkedIn recommendations?

Yes, you can buy LinkedIn recommendations. Many sites are offering such services. If you want to look at some of the most reliable ones, read this detailed guide.

Have some more questions regarding LinkedIn and how it works? I answered 31+ of the most frequently asked questions regarding the platform. Read them here.

Before you go

Whether you are writing someone a LinkedIn recommendation or requesting someone to write one for you, you must have a strong connection with them. Requesting a recommendation from a stranger will not benefit you, as they don’t know your strengths for a personalized recommendation.

However, you don’t have to worry about it anymore. Because the above-mentioned LinkedIn recommendation generators are personally tested by myself. I guarantee you the exceptional quality and performance of these tools.

Do you want to optimize your LinkedIn profile for better opportunities? It’s your lucky day because I have a complete guide on it right here.

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