Thumbtack VS Upwork: Choosing the Right Platform

Thumbtack vs Upwork
Thumbtack vs Upwork

Ever find yourself in the client-hunting maze, wishing for a GPS to success? It’s time to drop the map and follow me. The realm of Thumbtack vs Upwork can be as puzzling as a Rubik’s Cube, but fear not! I’m here to be your decoder ring. 

No more endless job hunts or feeling adrift in the gig galaxy. We’re about to unveil which platform tailors to your style, pads your wallet, and elevates your freelance game. Ready to dive in? Let’s unravel this ultimate freelance showdown and chart a course for your victory lap! 

What is Thumbtack?

Alright, let’s get this straight. Thumbtack is like a website where people who need a service can find people who offer that service. If you’re a service provider, you create a profile showing what you can do. When someone needs something done, they put it on Thumbtack, and you, the service provider, can reach out to offer your help.


Pros and Cons of Thumbtack

Advantages for freelancers:

  1. Local Connections: If you like working with people in your area, Thumbtack is great. People nearby can find you easily.
  2. Sending Offers: When you see a job that fits your skills, you can send a message saying you’re interested. It’s like raising your hand to say, “Hey, I can do this!”
  3. Different Skills Welcome: Thumbtack is for all kinds of jobs, whether you’re a chef or a painter. It’s like a big marketplace.

Advantages for clients:

  1. Quick Solutions: If you need a service, you can ask for help on Thumbtack. People who can do the job will send you offers, making it simple to find what you need.
  2. Clear Prices: You don’t have to guess how much something will cost. The price is right there, so no surprises.


  1. Lots of Competition: Many people are looking for jobs on Thumbtack, so you’ll need to stand out to get noticed.
  2. Sending Offers Might Not Always Work: When you reach out to offer your service, not all of them will turn into actual jobs. It’s like saying, “I can help!” and waiting to see if someone responds.

What is Upwork?

Upwork is like an online hub where freelancers (that’s you, the talented folks) and clients (that’s the people who need stuff done) come together to get work done. Imagine it as a virtual bazaar, but instead of goods, skills and services are on display. 

Freelancers showcase their skills, and clients post jobs they need help with. It’s a rendezvous of needs and talents, where everyone’s on a mission to get things done.


Pros and Cons of Upwork

Advantages for freelancers:

  1. Global Reach: Upwork isn’t confined to one neighborhood. It’s like a worldwide stage where you can strut your stuff to clients from around the globe.
  2. Flexibility Galore: You call the shots on how you work – whether it’s per project or per hour. It’s like freelancing on your own terms.
  3. Safe and Secure Payments: Worried about payments? Upwork acts like the middle person, holding funds in a safe space until you’ve finished the job. No more chasing after payments like a detective.

Advantages for clients:

  1. Access to a Talent Bonanza: If you’re a client, Upwork’s like a treasure chest filled with skilled freelancers. No matter the task, you’ll likely find someone who can handle it.
  2. Structured Collaboration: It’s like having a virtual office space. You can track progress, communicate, and make sure the project is on track without email chaos.


  1. The Not-So-Little Fees: While Upwork offers the stage, they also take a cut of your earnings. It’s like paying a ticket to enter a talent show, and the ticket comes with a price.
  2. Competition Shuffle: There’s a bustling crowd of freelancers on Upwork, which can make it feel like being in a packed audition room. Standing out becomes key to getting noticed.

Comparing Thumbtack and Upwork 

Alright, let’s put Thumbtack VS Upwork under the microscope and see who they’re winking at.

FocusLocal services and clientsGlobal freelance opportunities
Cost StructurePay-per-lead modelFee deducted from freelancer’s earnings
Target AudienceLocation-specific servicesDiverse skills and remote work
User ExperienceSending quotes to clientsProposing solutions to project listings
Review SystemClient reviews and ratingsJob success score and client feedback
Suitable ForLocal service providersFreelancers with various skills and expertise
CompetitionLocal competition for leadsGlobal competition from freelancers
Project VarietyVaried local servicesDiverse remote work opportunities
Payment ProtectionPay-per-lead can lead to unfulfilled leadsEscrow system for secure payments
Geographical ScopePrimarily focuses on local areasAvailable for freelancers worldwide

Target Audience

Thumbtack’s Bullseye: If you’re the local hero, say, a neighborhood plumber or a wedding photographer, Thumbtack’s like your hometown hangout. It’s all about connecting you with folks nearby who need your expertise.

Upwork’s Global Embrace: If you’re the digital nomad or the virtual whiz, Upwork’s like your world tour. It welcomes freelancers from all corners of the earth, ready to take on projects that transcend borders.

Cost Structure

Thumbtack’s Ticket: On Thumbtack, you’re buying a ticket to the party. You pay for leads, putting a bit of cash on the table each time you send a quote. It’s like throwing coins into a wishing well, hoping for a win.

Upwork’s Slice: On Upwork, it’s a slice of your cake. When you earn, Upwork takes a percentage. It’s like sharing your dessert with the platform, paying a fee for the privilege.

Job Success and Reviews

Thumbtack’s Cheer Squad: On Thumbtack, client reviews are your trophies. Good reviews mean a high score, which can help you snag more leads. It’s like collecting gold stars that boost your reputation.

Upwork’s Achievement Unlocked: On Upwork, your job success score is your ticket to opportunity. The better your score, the more visible you are to clients, like unlocking levels in a game.

User Experience and Interface 

Both platforms offer a smooth ride with their own twists. Thumbtack’s like a local fair, where you chase local clients, while Upwork’s a global stage, welcoming clients from all corners.

Thumbtack’s User Experience

  • Easy Peasy Profile: Setting up shop on Thumbtack is as smooth as butter. You showcase your skills, throw in some portfolio magic, and voilà – your digital storefront is open for business.
  • Lead Labyrinth: Clients post their requests, and it’s like having a treasure map. As a freelancer, you decide which gems you want to chase by sending out quotes. It’s like deciding which quests to take on.
  • Bid or Bust: When you see a request, you send a quote, like tossing a message in a bottle to the client. But remember, you’re not alone – other freelancers are sending their messages too, hoping for a reply.

Upwork’s User Experience

  • Crafty Creation: Your profile on Upwork is like your online portfolio. You list your skills, experience, and show off your previous projects. It’s like your digital business card.
  • Projects Galore: Clients post their projects, and you can send proposals showcasing how you’ll tackle the task. It’s like presenting your plan for a heist – except you’re after work, not jewels!
  • Secure Workspace: If your proposal is accepted, you step into a virtual workspace. It’s like a cozy office where you can communicate, share files, and track the progress of the project. Everything’s neatly organized.

Making the Decision: Thumbtack vs Upwork

Alright, decision time, peeps! Choosing between Thumbtack and Upwork isn’t a coin toss; it’s a strategic move. Let’s break it down into bite-sized bits.

Factors to Consider

  • Type of Service: Are you the neighborhood handyman or a global graphic designer? Thumbtack’s your buddy for local gigs, while Upwork spans the globe. Think about where your skills fit best.
  • Cost Consciousness: On Thumbtack, you’re investing in leads; on Upwork, they take a slice of your earnings. Consider your budget and how these fees align with your financial goals.
  • Competition Comfort: If you thrive in a bustling crowd, Upwork’s like a lively market square. If you’d rather be a big fish in a smaller pond, Thumbtack’s the way to go.

Recommendations Based on Scenarios

Thumbtack Triumph: If you’re all about local services like dog walking, plumbing, or event planning, Thumbtack’s like your next-door hangout. 

Upwork Expedition: If you’re a digital nomad or you’ve got skills that can transcend borders, Upwork’s like your global passport. Your skills can take you places.

Thumbtack and Upwork are like two different paths, each with its own scenic route. Ponder your priorities, consider your context, and make a move that suits your freelancing dreams. It’s your call, and whichever path you choose, I’m here cheering you on to freelance victory! 

Hot FAQs: Thumbtack vs Upwork

Is Thumbtach worth it?

Absolutely! Thumbtack can be a great option if you’re a local service provider looking to connect with nearby clients, receive targeted leads, and showcase your skills in your community. It’s worth considering if you’re focused on location-specific work and want to establish a presence in your area.

Is Thumbtack legit?

Absolutely, Thumbtack is a legitimate platform connecting clients with skilled service providers. It offers a transparent process for clients to request services and receive quotes from professionals, ensuring a genuine marketplace for local services. 

However, as with any platform, it’s important to do your due diligence and research potential service providers before committing.

Is Thumbtack free for freelancers?

Thumbtack offers a free basic account for freelancers, allowing you to create a profile and receive notifications about job opportunities. However, there is a cost associated with sending quotes to potential clients. 

Thumbtack operates on a pay-per-lead model, where freelancers pay when they send quotes to clients interested in their services. This model helps ensure that freelancers are investing in serious opportunities.

What is the difference between Thumbtack vs Upwork?

Thumbtack focuses on connecting clients with local service providers for various needs, while Upwork is a global platform offering a wide range of freelance jobs in diverse fields. The former operates on a pay-per-lead model, whereas Upwork charges fees based on a freelancer’s earnings. 

Thumbtack is more suitable for location-specific services, while Upwork provides opportunities for freelancers with various skills to work remotely on projects from around the world. Choose based on your freelancing goals and service type.

How much fee Thumtack charge from buyers and freelancers?

Thumbtack charges buyers for using the platform to find service providers, and the cost varies depending on the type of service requested and location. For freelancers, Thumbtack operates on a pay-per-lead model. 

The cost of leads can vary widely based on the service category and location, ranging from a few dollars to more substantial amounts. It’s important to budget for these lead costs as you bid on projects and consider them as part of your business expenses.

Wrapping up: Thumbtack vs Upwork

And there you have it, Thumbtack VS Upwork! No more tossing coins into the freelance wishing well or hoping for that big break. Thumbtack or Upwork, the choice is now clear. 

Whether you’re after local gigs or global adventures, your platform soulmate awaits. Say goodbye to uncertainty and hello to your freelance fairy tale. So, go ahead and conquer the gigosphere with confidence. Your hustle deserves nothing less! 


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