Onlinejobs ph vs Upwork: Which one you should choose?

Onlinejobs Ph vs Upwork
Onlinejobs Ph vs Upwork

Sick of rush hour traffic, mundane cubicles, and office politics? I’ve been there. The 9-to-5 grind doesn’t cut it anymore. But starting freelancing from scratch is scary. Worry not as I got the ultimate guide for you OnlineJobs ph VS Upwork

Two platforms that might just be your ticket out of the corporate maze. This blog is your compass, delving into the nuances of OnlineJobs ph VS Upwork, dissecting their strengths and weaknesses, and equipping you with the knowledge to pick the right path in your quest for the ultimate online gig. A Deep Dive

This platform thrives on connecting employers with top-notch talent across various industries in philippines.  Employers and freelancers discuss the terms and scope of the project – it’s like setting the stage for the show.

Once both parties are on the same page, they determine payment arrangements directly. There’s no escrow dance here; it’s all about the direct approach.

While doesn’t have a built-in time tracking tool like some platforms, it’s still a tap dance of productivity. Freelancers and employers discuss working hours and methods, often relying on trust and open communication. It’s like a good old-fashioned handshake – a commitment to getting the job done.

OnlineJobs Ph
OnlineJobs Ph

Advantages of

  1. Rich Talent Pool: Access to a diverse range of highly skilled Filipino freelancers across various industries.
  2. Cost-Effectiveness: Benefit from competitive pricing due to lower living costs in the Philippines.
  3. Cultural Compatibility: Time zone alignment and cultural affinity make communication and collaboration smoother.
  4. Long-Term Relationships: Focus on building lasting partnerships, reducing the need for frequent talent searches.
  5. Specialized Skills: Find experts in specific fields, from virtual assistants to programmers.
  6. Personalized Searches: Utilize advanced filters to pinpoint freelancers that fit your project requirements.

Limitations of

  1. Niche Job Categories: Limited availability in certain specialized areas compared to broader platforms.
  2. Language Barriers: While English is widely spoken, different accents and communication styles might arise.
  3. Payment Management: Lack of an integrated payment system, requiring separate payment arrangements.
  4. Smaller Reach: Smaller global reach compared to platforms catering to an international audience.
  5. Competition for Top Talent: As the platform gains popularity, securing the best freelancers might become more competitive.
  6. Varied Expertise: Not every type of skill or service might be as readily available as on larger platforms.

Upwork: Unveiling the Platform

Upwork isn’t just a platform; it’s a bustling metropolis of freelancing opportunities. It’s a global stage where freelancers from around the world showcase their skills and expertise. Employers come here to find the right talent for their projects, creating a vibrant marketplace.

Employers can set up milestones – these are like checkpoints that ensure the project is on track. Once a milestone is hit, funds are securely held in escrow. This is like the safety net for both freelancers and employers. Freelancers deliver the project, and employers give the nod of approval. Funds are then released, and the virtual champagne pops.


Benefits of Upwork

  1. Diverse Talent Pool: Access to a vast global network of freelancers spanning various industries and skillsets.
  2. Extensive Job Categories: Offers a wide range of specialized services, from writing to design to coding.
  3. Built-in Payment System: Integrated payment and work tracking system streamline transactions and project management.
  4. Large Client Base: For freelancers, a larger pool of potential clients enhances job opportunities.
  5. Competitive Marketplace: The platform encourages freelancers to improve their skills and services to stand out.
  6. Global Exposure: The international nature of Upwork exposes freelancers to clients from around the world.

Drawbacks of Upwork

  1. Higher Competition: The global reach attracts a large number of freelancers, increasing competition for projects.
  2. Fee Structure: Upwork charges a percentage fee on freelancers’ earnings based on their lifetime billings with each client.
  3. Devaluation of Work: Lower-priced bids can lead to undervaluing skilled work and expertise.
  4. Freelancer Approval Process: Upwork’s approval process can be stringent, limiting entry for some newcomers.
  5. Client Dependence: Relying heavily on a single platform for projects can make freelancers vulnerable to platform changes.
  6. Short-term Projects: Emphasis on short-term projects might make it challenging to establish long-term relationships.

Head-to-Head Comparison

And there you have it, folks! A head-to-head on pricing, skills, talent, and platform experience. Time to whip out those decision-making hats and choose the stage that suits your freelancing act best! 

FocusConnects Filipino freelancers with employersGlobal platform for freelancers worldwide
Job CategoriesSpecialized categoriesDiverse range of industries and skills
Cultural AlignmentEmphasizes cultural fit and time zonesCatering to an international talent pool
Payment ProcessingDirect payment arrangementsEscrow-based system for secure payments
Time TrackingRelies on trust and open communicationOffers built-in time tracking for projects
Fee StructureEmployers pay a monthly subscriptionFreelancers pay a percentage fee on earnings
Long-Term FocusEncourages building lasting relationshipsProjects can be short-term or ongoing
User ExperienceUser-friendly, tailored for Filipino talentSleek interface, global market presence

A. Pricing and Fees

Upwork and take different routes when it comes to pricing and fees, so let’s do a little comparison dance.


Freelancers pay a fee based on their earnings from each client.

The sliding fee structure means you’ll pay 20% on your first $500 earned from a client, 10% for earnings between $500.01 and $10,000, and 5% for earnings above $10,000.

Keep in mind that these fees can chip away at your earnings, so budget accordingly.

Flip the script – freelancers, this one’s for you. doesn’t dip into your earnings with percentages.

Employers are the ones paying for access. They subscribe on a monthly basis to connect with the talent pool. You, as the freelancer, can rest easy knowing your hard-earned cash stays mostly in your pocket.

B. Skill Diversity and Job Categories

Now, let’s unravel the threads of skill diversity and job categories.


Upwork is like a bazaar of skills from all corners of the digital universe. Writers, designers, programmers, marketers – you name it, they’ve got it. This variety means you’ll rub shoulders with a whole army of freelancers with varying talents. casts a spotlight on certain categories, and the stage belongs to Filipino talent. While the skillset might seem a tad narrower, it’s like a spotlight on specialists – think of it as a talent show with a specific theme.

C. Quality of Talent

Of course, we’re all here for top-notch talent. So, let’s break it down.


With its global reach, Upwork offers a stage where freelancers from around the world strut their stuff. This means you’re juggling a mixed bag of skill levels – from the diamond-encrusted to the semi-polished gems.

Quality and cultural alignment are the buzzwords here. Filipino freelancers form the core of, and there’s an emphasis on creating lasting relationships. It’s like finding a partner for a dance marathon rather than a quick cha-cha.

D. User Experience and Platform Navigation

Time to discuss the UX – the digital red carpet for freelancers and employers.


Upwork is the sleek, well-lit mall of the freelancing world. The interface feels polished, and its robust search and proposal system keeps things snappy. It’s like strolling through a high-end store – clean, organized, and ready to serve.

Think of as your local market – bustling and colorful. While it might not have the same sleek vibe, it’s user-friendly and gets the job done. You might need to embrace the vibrant chaos to find your perfect vendor or customer.

Making the Right Choice: Considerations and Recommendations

The compass to navigate the realms of Upwork and is in your hands. It’s not just about choosing a platform; it’s about sculpting your freelancing legacy. Let’s dig deep. 

A. Identifying Your Needs and Goals

It’s time to don your detective hat and decode what you really need and want.

Upwork or

  • If you’re after a global feast of projects and clients, Upwork might just be your destination.
  • For those who value long-term partnerships and a Filipino touch, is your map to treasure.

B. Choosing the Platform that Aligns with Your Industry

The platform should be like a glove – a perfect fit for your industry.


  • Industries that have a wide array of services, like design, writing, and tech, thrive here.
  • It’s like a hub for the digital Renaissance – every creative mind is welcome.

  • Specific industries that demand expertise shine on this stage. Virtual assistants, content writers, and programmers find a cozy nook here.
  • If your skills fall in line with the specialties of Filipino talent, it’s like finding a home where your talents can bloom.

C. Balancing Quality, Price, and Long-Term Relationships

It’s a balancing act of tightropes and trapezes – let’s see what to juggle.


  • Quality varies, but top-tier talent is up for grabs. Just be ready to sift through the haystack.
  • Price might lean towards the mid to high range, reflecting the diverse global workforce.

  • Quality is rooted in cultural alignment and deep connections. You’re more likely to find gems that glitter here.
  • Price tends to be friendlier on the pocket, thanks to the cost-of-living dynamic in the Philippines.

D. Strategies for Succeeding on Your Chosen Platform

So you’ve picked your playground – now it’s time to rule it!


  • Craft stand-out proposals. It’s your elevator pitch to outshine the crowd.
  • Seek a niche. Stand out by diving deep into a specialized skill.

  • Build relationships. It’s like tending to a bonsai tree – nurture it for growth.
  • Highlight cultural alignment. Emphasize shared time zones and communication styles.

Hot FAQs: Onlinejobs ph vs Upwork

What is the difference between Onlinejobs ph vs Upwork? primarily focuses on connecting Filipino freelancers with remote employers, emphasizing cultural compatibility and long-term relationships. Upwork is a global platform with a diverse range of job categories, catering to a broader international talent pool. While offers a more targeted approach, Upwork provides a wide array of skills and services in a competitive, global marketplace.

Which freelancing website is best for beginners?

For beginners, Upwork is often recommended due to its extensive range of job categories, user-friendly interface, and larger client base, providing ample opportunities to start building a freelance career.

What percentage does upwork take?

Upwork typically charges freelancers a sliding fee based on their lifetime billings with each client: 20% for the first $500, 10% for earnings between $500.01 and $10,000, and 5% for earnings above $10,000 from a single client.

What percentage does Onlinejobs ph take? charges a flat monthly fee to employers who wish to access their database of qualified candidates. They do not take a percentage of freelancers’ earnings, making it a more predictable and cost-effective option for both parties.

What is the most used freelancing platform?

Upwork is one of the most widely used freelancing platforms globally, offering a vast variety of job categories and a large client and freelancer base. It’s known for its versatility and extensive reach in the freelancing community.

How to start freelancing on Onlinejobs ph?

To start freelancing on, follow these steps:

  1. Create an employer account or log in if you have one.
  2. Browse through potential candidates using search filters.
  3. Shortlist suitable candidates and contact them via the platform’s messaging system.
  4. Discuss job details, expectations, and terms with selected freelancers.
  5. Once you’ve found the right fit, negotiate payment and working arrangements directly with the freelancer.

Wrapping up: Onlinejobs ph vs Upwork

Whether you’re craving a global gig arena like Upwork or the local flair of, remember – you’re in control. No more scrolling through job listings like a lost explorer. 

You’ve got the tools, the insights on Onlinejobs ph vs Upwork, and the power to choose your path. So go on, make that choice, write your freelancing story, and let the virtual applause begin. Your victory starts now – go claim it! 


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